I just got back from sunny South Florida this week. Great times were had in Miami Beach, Islamorada and Key West. And now it’s back to the writing grind, as I near the final lap of the production process to make Welcome to PleasureTown a reality.

Welcome to PleasureTown

Haven’t heard of Welcome to PleasureTown? Oh I see. You live under a rock.

WTPT (as we’ve been referring to it) is an experimental theatrical concept that combines storytelling, theatre and music and blends them all together for a night of fictionalized first-person storytelling. It also centers on an early 20th-century Oklahoma town that was founded on the principles of hedonism. So there’s a lot of sex and violence. And that’s what you people like right? Well that’s what we’re giving to you.

Co-produced by my co-pilot Erin Kahoa, the show features writings from some of the best storytellers Chicago has to offer including Ian Belknap, Dana Norris, Scott Whitehair, Don Hall, Shannon Cason and Jen Bosworth. Plus we’ve recruited our folk music friends River Rising to provide some original tunes.

Tickets are on sale now at Stage 773. Buy them online before we run out. It’s a limited engagement. Only October 4 and 11 at 8 p.m. (Theater space is expensive.) So get it while the getting is good.

Speaking of “good,” the Chicago Reader recently recognized that “live lit” is a thing. And I helped! See the feature in this week’s issue and gaze upon our pretty mugs.

Chicago Reader Live Lit

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