Blogs! The word didn’t even exist less than two decades ago, and now we can’t stop saying it. Just try! Blog. Blog! BLOG!

When it comes to content marketing (read: using text, pictures, videos, audio and other media for marketing purposes), blogs play a critical role. The following are a smattering of totally true facts about blogs that underscore why you really should carpe blogdom…translation: seize the day…for BLOGS!

1. Blogs are affordable - Guess how much you have to pay for a blog? NOTHING! Zilch. Zero. Nada. That’s right. Many wonderful blog platforms are absolutely free, though if you really want to amp it up, you might have to invest a bit for some add-ons.

2. If you can use a computer, you can operate a blog - This isn’t rocket science. It’s digital technology, something so easy a toddler can use it. If you have index fingers, you can blog. And if you don’t, well, there’s some pretty good speech-to-text technology out there.

3. Blogging is fun - True fact or subjective opinion? Answer: True fact! Where else can you have your words of wisdom potentially read by millions?

4. Blogging is an exceptional business tool - No, you won’t make much money selling space on your blog. If Big Media can’t figure out how to sell ads to become profitable, you’re not going to crack the code. BUT, you can use a blog to position yourself in a given market, raise visibility about your brand, engage customers and convert prospects into clients.

5. Blogging creates and fosters community - Your blog could become a landing pad for people interested in what you have to talk about. Or your blog could become just one node in a network of blogs that cover a given topic. Whatever the case, a blog can be your transmission center that draws readers and writers alike like a moth to some sort of bright, hot, incandescent object.


If you want to learn more about blogging, from content strategy to creative writing techniques to SEO (that’s search engine optimization and it’s the secret sauce of Internet marketing), take my four-week blog class that is being offered at StoryStudio Chicago. It’ll be a good time, and you’ll leave knowing more about blogging then you ever imagined.

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