I’m a big podcast fan. I listen to Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast, Gary van Warmerdam’s Awareness and Consciousness Podcast and locally produced All Write Already (which I previously appeared on).

There’s a new arts-oriented podcast in ChiTown, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Produced by antihero Don Hall and his gay pal Tyler Greene, General Admission ”talks about the arts, so you do too.” Each episode tackles a different form, combining blog posts, interviews and other media to create an in-depth look at Chicago’s thriving creative landscape.

General Admission Podcast

Episode 5 covers the Live Lit scene and interviews the Guts & Glory team, Sam Irby and myself, Keith Ecker. My buddies Erin Kahoa, Stephanie Douglass and Valentine Soposky also make audio appearences as well.

This is one hell of a podcast. It’s wonderfully produced and expertly hosted. Don and Tyler are making magic, and it deserves your ear.

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