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Keith Ecker is an entrepreneurial wordsmith who infuses the power of storytelling into everything he does. And he does a lot. A humorist, a passionate teacher and a noted member of Chicago's performance literary scene, Keith keeps himself pretty busy. Explore the site to see what he's been up to lately.

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“Teaching for me is analytical poetry. You have to combine creativity and reason to convey these completely intangible concepts. It’s exhilarating.”

Keith has taught workshops and presented on topics as far-ranging as comedic writing to creative nonfiction to narrative marketing. If it involves transmitting ideas through words, odds are he can teach it.

As a student of the Second City Training Center, iO Chicago Theater, Annoyance Theater and Chicago Dramatist, Keith was introduced to a wide variety of instructors, each with her own unique approach and methodology. This exposure helped him hone his own approach to teaching, which combines thoughtful analysis with colorful commentary and metaphor that simultaneously entertains and educates.

Keith began teaching by developing independent marketing and PR workshops for local artists, non-profits and small business owners. He was then invited by the renowned 826CHI writing and tutoring center to develop and lead creative nonfiction workshops for Chicago high school students. Recently, through Jaffe PR, Keith has presented on content marketing, social media and article writing to multiple law firms and Legal Marketing Association chapters.

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